Welcome to Goof Roof

Hey there, lovers of fine art! My name is Noel Anderson but folks generally call me Scotch. I have an insatiable love of B-movies and blame much of who I am upon their influence. I’ve been a cartoonist for many years, illustrating a comic strip for the Fargo Forum three days a week. I’ve also illustrated and written for numerous humor publications such as CRACKED, HUSTLER and HUSTLER HUMOR, JOKESTER, and THWAK magazines. Seduction Cinema Comics Group has published and distributed several of my comic books, including Play-Mate of the Apes and SpiderBabe. I’ve worked as a radio personality for two decades in good ol’ Fargo, ND and enjoy creating musical and audio parodies in addition to my comic satires. I also co-edit a salacious, underground, art magazine called ART RIOT. Goof Roof continues to be my toehold in cyberspace. So, go on… what are you waiting for? Check out the gallery and enjoy everything that’s goofy under one roof. Indeed, that’s why we’re here, my friends.