toocool As a young man who was admittedly an avid viewer of teen sex comedies in the 1980’s, I can’t think of a better purchase than the Too Cool For School collection from Mill Creek Entertainment. I will fully admit that back in those formative years I did not watch these films for much more than the possiblity of maybe viewing some skin. Hell, when you’re sixteen years old not much else really mattered in a movie-viewing experience.

You get twelve movies in this collection, mostly from Crown International, about guys trying to score with girls who have very big hair and very few clothes set to delightfully vapid pop/new wave musical soundtracks. Awesome, dude…totally awesome! I was frankly quite surprised at how many of these films I had actully seen on vhs back in my adolescence and how well many of them stood up…well, that might be a bit of an overstatement! Ha ha! Nonethless, I would take a raucus 1984 comedy like JOCKS over the majority of today’s theatrical comedies any day. I’d bet you my Lydia Cornell “Too Close For Comfort” poster that it would make me laugh harder every time as well.

The Too Cool For School collection is the ultimate nostalgia experience for any fan of eighties’ teen sex comedies. Included in this set are: The Beach Girls, Cavegirl, Coach, Hunk, Jocks, Malibu Beach, My Chauffeur, My Tutor, The Pom Pom Girls, Tomboy, The Van, and Weekend Pass. There is a lot of great classic 1980’s cheese in this set that you’d be hard pressed to find elsewhere. They certainly don’t make great teen comedies like this anymore. Pick up a copy or two from Mill Creek Entertainment and watch it while you drink a few kamakazis wearing your parachute pants.