gdm3 It seems as though I had waited an eternity for the new Gingerdead Man and Evil Bong sequels to finally hit dvd. You know what they say about absence and how it makes the heart grow fonder? What?! What do you mean you’ve never heard that saying before? Haven’t you ever picked up a friggin’ book, you moron? Okay, I apologize…that was hurtful and uncalled for. The point being, from the time these sequels are announced until the time they finally see fruition, I’m busting at the seams to settle in with some popcorn and a bottle of cheap vodka and set my peepers on ’em. Such is the case with Gingerdead Man 3: Saturday Night Cleaver. Suffice it to say, I was not disappointed. Full Moon Picture’s Charles Band and writer-producer William Butler have baked up a bloody-good batch this time out.

A shy young girl named Cherry Wright, played by Paris Wagner, arrives at the roller disco to help her Aunt Trixie close down the rink. However, that devilish Gingerdead Man has escaped from an institute that houses homicidal baked goods and jumped into a time machine, transporting him back to the era of bell bottoms, roller boogie and too much cocaine…the seventies.
The movie moves at a much faster pace then either of the previous entries in the franchise. The satirical nods to movies such as Silence of the Lambs, Porky’s and Carrie were very clever and well-placed, easily making Saturday Night Cleaver my favorite of the Gingerdead Man series. Incidentally, the bad taste that is on display in this film exceeds that of the second film, believe it or not. The gore is WAY over the top and the effects are exceptionally good, particularly during the bikini car wash scene in which a couple of sexy, young, girls meet their untimely demise. Oh, yeah and we get to see Adolf Hitler on roller skates as well. GDM3 is a HELL of a lot of fun.