flipp1.jpg The other day I went over to the “FLIPP Central” site to check up on the coolest band in the galaxy and was rather disappointed to find out that the band has gone they’re seperate ways…sigh. I freakin’ loved those guys! But I guess I’m a little slow-on-the-uptake as I see they haven’t done a show together since 2003! The few times Brynn, Chia, Freaky and Kilo were in Fargo, ND they certainly made an impression on me. So much so, in fact, that I started working on a graphic novel based on them…Hell, LOOK at ’em! They’re walking cartoon characters to begin with…scratch that, ROCKING cartoon characters to begin with! Anyhoo, here’s a glimpse of the comic that will never be! I believe Brynn has a pretty cool Myspace page with alot of FLIPP stuff up you’ll be interested in checking out! Plus Flipp Central has links to Freaky’s band sites and Chia’s art sites…FLIPP out!flipp2.jpg