Not that this is going to elicit much hoopla and fanfare, but Pooey and myself have been writing new songs for the fourth ‘Goosepoop’ cd. Although we haven’t had much of a chance to get together with Crummy lately, I know he has been working on tunes as well. The plan was to write a hardcore album for middle-aged punks called ’40-Year Old Hardcore’ or ‘Middle Angst’ as a follow up to our ‘Ringing the Monkey Bell’ cd, but it’s evolved into alot of different styles and grown like some sort of a mutant fungus. A few of the song titles thus far: Haliburton Cummings, Skunkape Bolsheviks, Irish Whiskey Farts, and Don’t Make Pizzas If Your Face Looks Like One. Remember friends, Goosepoop-mania starts here, won’t you help?