podThere’s a certain satisfaction I get out of listening to my favorite podcast as I make the lengthy drive to-and-from work at four in the morning. Am I a geek of sorts, undoubtedly. Once a month, I download the Alternative Cinema podcast, the ultimate internet radio show for indie underground film fans and filmmakers alike, and then burn it to a disc. That way, I can listen to the antics of Michael Raso, John Fedele and William Hellfire in my car.
GREAT podcast again this month…I had no doubts it would be what with it being October and all. Super special guest Erin Russ talked about Devil Sister, Porkchop and modeling. William Hellfire gave an awesome review of lost 1989 Super 8 gore film The Basement, and they were very kind in talking about the mock cover I dummied up for a possible Playmate Of The Apes comic book.


Do yourself a favor and give it a listen. Erin Russ even personally made a mix cd called the “Devil Sister’s Halloween Horror Show” and is giving it away. Tune in to the podcast if you’d like to win it.