11movie Slide your ass on over, Damien! It’s about to get ugly up in this motherhugger. I’ll admit that I was blissfully ignorant as far as the 11-11-11 phenomena goes until I realized that there were not one but two movies coming out featuring this numeric pattern. I just finished watching the first to be released on November 1, which is 11-1-11 incidentally. That’s the one that’s directed by Keith Allan and written by he and Kiff Scholl. Neither of which has eleven letters in their name, just in case you were planning on counting. 11/11/11, released by The Asylum, is a suspense-filled, biblical thriller much like The Omen. Jack and Melissa, whose son Nat hasn’t been speaking for some odd reason, move to a creepy new town. As it turns out, in two weeks, on 11/11/11, Nat will have a birthday and turn…you guessed it, ELEVEN!!

11movie2The town in this film is painted with an eerie flavor right from the start. The neighbors all take an unhealthy interest in Nat’s upcoming birthday, especially Annie, the Rachel Dratch-looking old lady next door who is batshit crazy and always trying to lure the boy into her yard. I, however, was most impressed by the Megan Fox doppleganger, Denise. Denise, played by Aurelia Scheppers, is an evil temptress of a nanny and I couldn’t take my eyes off of her when she was on screen. Everything about The Asylum’s 11/11/11 hits the mark which makes it one of my new devil-child favorites. Check it out yourself this Tuesday, November 1st, when the dvd comes out. Order it up from the good folks over at The Asylum. Oh, and Happy Halloween!