bornbad1Holy Frejoles! When describing the titular character of this movie, Born Bad is a bit of an understatement. Now, before you go thinking that’s some kind of snarky sarcasm, I’ll clarify right away. This is a very tense thriller that will suck you in quicker than spilled dirt at a Hoover demo. The Asylum has teamed up with the Lifetime Network, yes I said the Lifetime Network, and delivered a particularly dark and violent thriller that should certainly surprise most. Michael Welch (who’s apparently from the Twilight movies) plays a cheating, violently-abusive, cocaine snortin’, rapist/murderer, who also happens to be a burglar. Somehow he tricks the lead girl (Bonnie Dennison) and her family into believing he’s a pretty swell guy…at least until he goes Helter Skelter on their asses in a frighteningly dramatic final sequence. And I’m talking Last House on the Left dramatic.

The unedited dvd release of this film is a bit harder-edged than the Lifetime Network version that aired, including a very violent rape/murder scene in the first few minutes. The performances all come across as very convincing and never took me out of the movie. Born Bad had a very similar feel to the Mark Wahlberg vehicle Fear but is actually quite a bit nastier in my opinion. The tension is allowed to slowly build over it’s 90-minute run, until it boils over in a final eruption of rape, pillow-suffocation, numerous shootings, one awesome death by car sequence, and a physically-menaced pregnant lady. All in all, Born Bad is a whole lot of madness that deserves to be seen in all of it’s uncut and unedited glory. Check it out from our good, psychotic friends over at The Asylum.