zombieapoc Zombie Apocalypse, or 2012: Zombie Apocalypse as it’s titled on the dvd box, was everything I had hoped it would be; a nice, tight, gut-munching, little zombie film. In fact, I dare say it was one of the more enjoyable zombie movies that I’ve watched in quite some time. Similar in tone to The Walking Dead, Zombie Apocalypse is about a group of survivors who are traveling across a barren landscape infested by zombies. Early on, we learn of a zombie infection that has spread across the globe, taking out roughly 90% of the population. An impressive group of survivors led by Henry (a butt-kicking Ving Rhames), team up to battle the undead and make it to their final destination, Catalina, a safe zone. Not a lot of time is wasted between battling bloodthirsty zombies in the streets, in a sporting goods store, in a high school…Hell, even a port-a-potty is no safe refuge from these flesh-chewing geeks.

The acting was far better than I’ve come to expect from the typical Sy Fy channel movie and the writing was really impressive as well. Brooks Peck and Craig Engler created some smart, believable dialogue that kept me interested in these characters as well as introducing some fun new additions to the standard zombie lore. There are zombie animals in this film, including a particularly threatening and nastily decomposed jungle cat that the survivors meet up with in the third act. Also, it’s fun to see Ving Rhames dispatching zombies right and left with a sledgehammer as well a chainsaw at one point.

With it’s awesomely talented cast and fast-paced storyline, I’d easily recommend Zombie Apocalypse to zombie film lovers without hesitation. Check it out today from our psychotic and unstable friends over at The Asylum.