2head12head2 2 Headed Shark Attack might not be the greatest movie ever made, but then again…maybe it is! Granted, there has been much shark-infested awesomeness released in recent years. Shark Night 3D, Mega Shark vs Crocosaurus, The Reef, and Sharktopus should all have given you reason enough to stay out of the water. Unless, of course, you’ve got a full can of that shark repellent that Adam West was wielding in the original Batman movie. But now there’s a new shark in the water. Strike that! A mutated, 2-headed shark…and the water has just been freshly stocked with tanned coeds. Boasting a jiggly cast that’s spearheaded by Brooke Hogan and Carmen Electra, 2 Headed Shark Attack plunges into it’s double-jawed storyline feet first.

With a protagonist that takes out bikini-clad cast members two at a time, director Christopher Douglas-Olen Ray front loads this feature with an enormous cast of attractive college students who will end up as so much chum in the water. Charlie O’Connell leads his students from a sinking ship to a deserted atoll. But when the atoll starts flooding, he and the students must face off with the fearsome creature that boasts 1 body, 2 heads and 6,000 teeth. Screenwriter H. Perry Horton has delivered a well-written story that not only makes good on it’s promises of action and exploitation elements, but also gives us another exciting popcorn feature that we can return to time and time again on lazy, weekend, afternoons. Oh yeah, and there’s girls in biknis all the way through this sucker, as well as the obligatory, gratuitous nudity! Thumbs up…er, make that FINS up for 2 Headed Shark Attack. Look for it from The Asylum January 31st on dvd.