“They’re just the tools you need for fame and fortune!” Staying true to it’s claim to be a comedy classic in the tradition of Superbad and American Pie, Celebrity Sex Tape wastes no time in sprinting from the starting line towards it’s goal of being cruder and nastier than anything that’s come before it. From the moment it’s over-the-top, Star-Wars-influenced, opening credits roll, it quickly establishes the perfect framework for the ultimate nerd-centric comedy. cst2

With a cast of somewhat familiar faces, many of which have appeared in past teen-sex comedies from The Asylum, Celebrity Sex Tape has a charisma almost as big as the gross out gags it proudly packs into it’s 90 minute running time. Even more fun was watching for props and inside jokes from past movies in The Asylum’s canon. At a comic book/sci fi convention, for example, one can see posters on display for Alien Vs Hunter among others. Also, a raging Hollywood party takes place in a house that looks an awful lot like the girls’ home from the movie Barely Legal. A chipmunk costume and cheerleader uniform used in a “furries” scene are straight out of #1 Cheerleader Camp and a t-shirt worn by the group’s webmaster which states “I love to beat my meat” was also featured in Sex Pot. I’d site more but I’m afraid that I’d out-geek myself. And maybe that was the point in them placing such points of reference in the first place? I feel almost as Poindexterish as the stars of Celebrity Sex Tape in my fanboy-like attention to detail of Asylum related minutia.

A group of college nerds, led by Jack Cullison (of the film, MILF) secretly videotape a washed-up celebrity having sex and then post it on the internet. What follows could only be best described as The Big Bang Theory meets the raunchiest National Lampoon movie you’ve ever seen. The publicity of this elicit sex tape revives the actress’s career and soon every b-list celebutard who can peel of a bathing suit wants to be in the boy’s next production.

Celebrity Sex Tape could have easily relied on it’s titillating, “come on” cover to draw in potential viewers and then not delivered upon the Uncut…Uncensored warning like so many other movies in this genre. But it, instead, exceeds your expectations and gives you a frothy romp with jaw-droppingly raunchy gags. And if a few of them make you blush or dry heave a little, just wait until you see the deleted scenes. WOW! Crass and hilarious. Check it out and buy a copy or two from those dirty, old, men at The Asylum.