snow1THREE Snow White movies? Really?! In all honesty, I am not the type of guy you would generally catch watching films with a classic fairy tale theme, with the exception of The Princess Bride, of course…and who doesn’t like that one, right? I mean, Andre the Giant alone is worth the price of admission. So naturally, I’m not all that excited about the various Snow White movies that are coming to theaters. While Mirror Mirror featuring Julia Roberts boasts a romantic-comedy take, Snow White and the Huntsman featuring Kristen Stewart appears to be a darker, more action-filled version. Imagine my surprise when I caught Grimm’s Snow White on dvd, only to find a story that’s filled with awesome, giant, monsters and a wicked queen who is so deliciously evil she makes Elizabeth Bathory look like Mother Theresa.

snow2This is a great, creepy, twist on a childhood classic that gives the old Disney version a brutal, well-deserved, pummeling. Think of it as your favorite fairy tale as told by the creative effects team at the SyFy channel. The story starts out with the king getting killed by these ferocious, dinosaur-sized, reptile beasts. The queen, played by Jane March of Clash of the Titans, takes over the kingdom and tries to kill her stepdaughter, Snow White. All of the benchmarks of the original tale are still in tact but now we have kick-ass reptilian creatures, and numerous dwarves that are worthy of Lord of the Rings.

If you’re looking for a Snow White movie that’s as dark and moody as they come, yet is also a whole lot of fun, look no further than Grimm’s Snow White. It’s available Tuesday, March 13th on dvd from The Asylum.