A big “how-do-ya-do” to my new friends at the Alex Borstein forum. My Family Guy parody from the March 2006 HUSTLER made the discussion boards recently and I realized that I don’t have any artwork posted from that piece. gay2.jpg I have been making a conscious effort to keep the more “graphic” stuff off of this site so I’m just posting four of the least offensive panels. The jist of the comic is this…Peter Stiffen is a homosexual in denial who gets invited to appear on a televised “Celebrity San Francisco Hold ’em” tournament on Bravo. While playing in a heated game against Bruce Vilanch and Christopher Lowell he finally gives in to his carnal urges. Upon seeing this, Lois invites Marge Simpson and Peggy Hill over for a three-way. Yeah, I know…brilliant stuff! It is just a dirty comic satire, remember. I’m no Seth MacFarlane for crying in the soup! Sheesh!gay3.jpg