park.jpg It’s been awhile I realize. I’ve had alot on my mind lately, including my twentieth class reunion coming up this week! Yikes, man! However, even the most uncouth of morons will tell you that nothing chases away the doldrums like a nice hunk of art! Am I right, or am I right? I took a few snaps of some of the paintings and colored pencil illustrations I’ve done over the last year or so and thought this would be a fine time to lay a little low-brow art on you! Unfortunately, there’s a bit of a glare from the flash. To the right is part of a two piece project titled “El Guapo Park” done in acryllic this last winter. I gave the other one to a friend. jersey.jpg

“Jersey Devil Thumbs a Ride”, acryllic, 2005
coffee.jpg “Counter Culture” acryllic, 2005