center1 I hope that you’re adequately prepared for some cinematic insanity because that’s about the only way I could begin to describe the dynamic movie I just watched this weekend. Nazis at the Center of the Earth is an extremely ambitious film that easily delivers the exploitation elements promised by it’s title (and then some) while crafting a well-told, complex, science fiction tale in the process. It also managed to surprise me like no other film has this year, surpassing my expectations. Honestly, at the half-way mark I thought I’d pretty much figured this movie out. I smugly thought I knew exactly what the film was and had no qualms with it whatsoever. It was good, b-movie fun and it was kicking my ass. But then, something so bizarre takes place that I would never have foreseen it! The visual effects are surreal and fantastic, much in the vein of Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow. The twists come fast and furious and can turn on a dime. Likewise, the director, Joseph J. Lawson, does a skillful job switching up the tone of the film in the most unexpected ways. Gritty and gory one minute, hilarious and campy the next. Just ask this guy!
What we have here is the tale of a group of researchers in Antarctica that get abducted by nazi stormtroopers. They’re dragged deep underground only to find that there is an entire world in the hollow, center of the earth, occupied by decomposing nazis. These nutty, decaying nazis need the help of the doctors to keep them alive while they plot the revival of the Third Reich. Jake Busey and Dominique Swain are great, as is Christopher Karl Johnson as Doctor Mengele, who turns out to be a hell of a shot with a pistol. Then there’s some bio-robotics that turn the movie on it’s ear and set the viewers brain flipping like a pancake for the remaining duration of the film. You honestly are not going to believe your eyes. Nazis at the Center of the Earth is really one of the best b-movies to come along in a long time. Certainly one of the most original. Do yourself a favor and check it out from The Asylum.