Charles Band, you crafty little devil, you did it again! I’m a lifelong fan of Full Moon features. If you don’t know what Full Moon is I would have to say that I’m surprised you sought out a review for The Dead Want Women , but here you are. dead2 Full Moon Features is a motion picture production and distribution company headed by Charles Band. They produce low budget horror, sci fi, and fantasy films like Puppet Master, Demonic Toys and, more recently, Gingerdead Man and Evil Bong. The Dead Want Women is their most recent release and it is quite a tasty piece of b-movie cinema.

The film begins in the late 1920’s. A big name silent movie actress named Rose is having a fancy party to celebrate her newest film. Hey, is that Evil Bong’s Robin Syndey I see at that party? A debauched orgy takes place in one of her secret rooms including a few of her friends and colleagues…a Fatty Arbuckle type named Tubby, a Lon Chaney type and Eric Roberts who is supposed to be some kind of a cowboy actor. The orgy is unfortunately cut short by the news that her latest picture is a bomb. She also discovers that her contract is being cut because the ‘talkies’ are the wave of the future and she has got a not-so-nice voice. Well, she loses it and kills her friends and herself. Decades later, the infamous performer’s mansion is acquired by a couple of young, female, realtors who soon discover that it’s haunted.

dead31 Danni and Reese arrive at the Pettigrew mansion to clean it before the buyer, which they’ve never met, arrives. They spend the afternoon scrubbing and when no buyer shows up, they decide to do a little drinking! That’s when things start to get good and spooky. The dead have returned and guess what? That’s right…they want women! Things pick up in the third act like a well written Tales from the Crypt episode. This is a very nicely-paced horror romp that deserves a look or two. Do yourself a favor and check it out today from the fine freaks over at Full Moon.