zombie11Better hold on to your stovepipe hat when you pop this latest release into your dvd player. It appears there is an alternate history that many of us are woefully unaware of. Fortunately, the producers of Abraham Lincoln Vs Zombies have set out to rectify that for us. When we first lay eyes on young Abe Lincoln it is 1810 and he is but a mere lad. A mysterious viral outbreak has claimed his mother who becomes infected and becomes a zombie. Young Abe must complete the unpleasant task of killing her with a scythe. Hey, what needs to be done needs to be done! Years later, Abe (played by Bill Oberst Jr.) is now President of the United States and he hears that a mysterious virus has taken a Confederate fort. A soldier who has contracted the virus is being held and examined by military doctors. Abe goes to investigate and realizes that it’s the same zombie virus that had claimed his mother years earlier. For the sake of the nation, he assembles agents to accompany him on a secret mission…to destroy all those zombies!

Abe is an awesome, scythe-wielding, zombie-killing, action hero in this flick. He teaches his team how to destroy the zombies by shooting them in the head or by removing their heads all together, which that cool switchblade scythe of his comes in handy for. I particuarly enjoyed some of the historical one linerszombie4 Abraham Lincoln had to offer. When instructing a young Teddy Roosevelt Abe tells him, “Walk softly and carry this big stick.” When lopping the head off of a zombie Abe shouts, “Emancipate this!”

Asylum director, Richard Schenkman, really made a fun movie here. It even provides some alternative insight to the assasination of Mr. Lincoln. You’ll love hating John Wilkes-Booth, that sneaky bastard. We also get to see Lincoln’s former love interest Baby Norman and her lovely prostitute sidekick as they kick some zombie ass. Even General Stonewall Jackson plays a key role in the zombies final undoing. Abraham Lincoln Vs Zombies is a blast to watch and Bill Oberst Jr. is a tougher-than-hell Lincoln who stomps some zombie butt! I highly recommend you check it out! Available May 29th from the talented filmmakers at kratom tapering