Zombies vs Strippers, the latest release from Full Moon Features, will undoubtedly receive comparisons to Zombies Zombies Zombies (2008), as well as Zombie Strippers (2008), which featured Jenna Jameson and Robert Englund. This saga, while similarly themed, was a far worthier effort in my opinion. Zombies vs Strippers was directed by Alex Nicolaou, son of cult filmmaker Ted Nicolaou. Ted is a familiar name to most Full Moon fans as he has directed numerous classics such as the Subspecies movies, Terror Vision, Bad Channels, etc. Zombies vs Strippers shows that the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. It stars Eve Mauro, Jonathan Erickson Eisley, Circus-Szalewski, Victoria Levine, Adriana Sephora, Brittany Vaughn, and Michael Cassidy.

hambo This film immediately brought to mind the awesome vhs Camp Motion Picures/American Independent films I cut my teeth on as a young, b-movie enthusiast! Movies like Nightmare Sisters and Sorority Babes in the Slimeball Bowl-O-Rama. In the movie, The Tough Titty (classy, eh?) is a strip club that’s seen far better days. The sleazy owner, Spider has been losing money for years. However, on this particular evening the joint is hopping. Unfortunately for Spider, the bulk of the clientele are flesh-munching, zombies! The lovely young ladies of The Tough Titty, Vanilla, Bambi, and Sugar Hills doff their duds and deal with the disaster as best they can…stripper-style.

One can’t help but like the feel of this horror-comedy. It felt like they really got something right with this. There’s a lot of campy horror that I watch once and don’t feel the need to return to but Zombies vs Strippers will see numerous viewings in my dvd player, I can guarantee you that. It’s not overtly “winking” at you or telegraphing the jokes, the girls are very easy on the eyes, and they use practical gore effects instead of a lot of cgi. Oh yeah, and just wait until you see Spider’s favorite children’s entertainer, Hambo. You’ll be asking yourself WTF for quite a while on that one. Strippers vs Zombies is a nice installment in the Full Moon repetoire.