bikini1 Over the years, Robert Carradine has starred in several, over-the-top, T and A comedies. Beach romps, like 1976’s The Pom Pom Girls and college, fish-out-of-water stories like the Revenge of the Nerds movies. Leave it to those nuts at The Asylum to find the next logical step for Mr. Carradine…casting him as an alcoholic coach to a group of coeds from a small, conservative, college whose marching band is going to nationals. Lizzie McGuire’s dad would have never approved of this!

bikni2 Billed as a “sexy comedy classic in the tradition of Road Trip and American Pie,” Bikini Spring Break’s bikini-clad protagonists manage to break out of their shells when their bus breaks down smack dab in the middle of Florida during spring break. Hold on to your beach balls! In one ill-fated attempt after another, the girls manage to lose their tops so often you’d think that they must be made out of defective fabric of some sort, as they try to raise funds to fix their dilapitated bus. While Coach Carradine takes his sweet-ass time driving cross-country to rescue his girls and whisk them away to the big marching band competition, the coed’s adventures lead them from a strip club to a jello wrestling event, a wet t-shirt contest…and even a mechanical bull riding competition that sends shirts and bras flying! The story moves briskly, the jokes are paced out nicely, and director Jared Cohn focuses his camera exactly where one would expect him to.

These poor girls don’t stand a chance as screenwriters Jared Cohn and Naomi Selfman have figured out every possible way to get them out of their clothes. If you’re looking for nudity and crude humor you certainly won’t be disappointed by popping in The Asylum’s latest, Bikini Spring Break. Check it out from those purveryors of big, bouncy, fun…The Asylum, of course!