Time for an update from your humble Retromedia Comics Group staff artist! I talked to cult movie kingpin, Fred Olen Ray yesterday and he informed me that our “Hollywood Chainsaw Hookers” comic book has found a distributor!! This is awesome news as it’s one of the big players so it will be widely available once it’s released. Watch for this month’s Hustler and Hustler Humor as they both have plugs for this forthcoming comic! I also found out that Fred (the hippest film director in the world) has come up with another way to fit some comic art into his next movie which means your’s truly gets to draw another prop comic! And this time it actually plays a pretty pivotal roll in the movie! I’m stoked…more on this later! I’ve been informed that I can’t disclose any more information or William Hung will be sent to my house to perform for me! That is all. hack2.jpg