playmatecover Pitching one’s product is such a tawdry business but I really should plug this comic again, seeing as it’s currently available for purchase. If you have yet to pick up a copy of my comic book adaptaion of Seduction Cinema’s Play-mate of the Apes, I’d highly recommend you do so now. Y’know, before they’re all GONE! Hell, pick up two! They’re currently available at comic book stores nationwide…that even includes here, in Fargo, ND. (Paradox, FM News, and Comic Junction, don’tcha know.) You can also order the comic along with the dvd at It’s a steal, trust me.
mistyspiderbabe I’d also like to proudly inform you that I am now working on my follow-up comic for Seduction Cinema Comics; a full-length comic book adaptation of SpiderBabe! Yes, another cinematic treat, featuring Misty Mundae, that you can currently catch playing on Showtime through 2014. I’m just a few pages in and already I can tell this book is going to be chock full of yucks, guffaws, bobbling buttocks, girls kissing girls, and MAD magazine style antics. Don’t like that sort of thing? Then I suggest that you go pick up a copy of Archie, ya’ freaking bum! Wait… I actually sort of like Archie. Scratch that. I may have to think some more on this issue. In the meantime, go pick up Play-mate of the Apes so I can buy some groceries. Thank you for your support.