balls.jpg ninjacov1.jpg So what’s new, you ask? What the hell are these new images, you ask? Quit being so nosey and give me two seconds and I’ll tell you for crying out loud! Sheesh! Without totally spilling the beans, a couple of these panels are from the Grey’s Anatomy parody I’m working on (for a certain adult men’s publication) called “Groin’s Anatomy.” The other image is artwork for a comic book prop for a spicy movie, currently being filmed for Retromedia, titled Super Ninja Doll! You figure out which is which! I am very excited to be involved with the Super Ninja Doll movie and will hopefully have some pics to post! Also the November HUSTLER is on newstands now (and it’s only August, go figure!) In it you’ll find my four page TRANSBONERS movie parody! Go out and buy two of ’em! Now here’s one last look at Groin’s Anatomy…ooh! That Dr. McDreamy really is the most, isn’t he? Sigh. groin.jpg