chili1a.jpg I saw Rob Zombie’s HALLOWEEN this weekend and I must say that I was a little wary of this “re-imagining” of the John Carpenter classic with a prequel built into it. It turned out to be an extremely solid re-telling of the Myers’ saga that left me choked up like Mama Cass! From Michael’s childhood to the horrifc rampage through Haddonfield, I was loving it! It made me think of an idea Jason Crummy and I had, at one time, for a possible Lardgut movie called CHILI FACE! This idea incubated for a lengthy period and…who knows!? Maybe we WILL flesh this out into a movie one day. I did a four-page comic version of it a couple years ago, turning it into a tale of two girls who share their apartment with a deformed psychopath. chili1b.jpg