rioticon Hey! I’ve actually got something new and exciting in the works! “Yeah, right! Sure you do.” Is that what you’re thinking, you naysayer? I wouldn’t be surprised. In stereotypical fashion of someone who has been doing the same blog for several years, I recently went through a brief patch where I have woefully neglected updating the site. Nothing new there, right? Although, I’m sure a lot of folks don’t feel any great sense of loss when they come to check out Goof Roof and it’s been a week or two since I put up a few of my naughty doodles. You probably just think, “What a lazy bum!” And I am. However, I’ve actually got something new and exciting in the works and it goes to press April 1st! ART RIOT! Fargo’s newest subversive underground art magazine. Yep, and actual, hold-it-in-your-hands, magazine!!


Now before you go thinking I’ve undertaken this monumental task by myself, rest assured I’m in great company. BoneSkot Design Company’s resident madman, Beau Fraase is co-spearheading this venture with moi. And we’ve also managed to get some pretty top-drawer contributors in the first issue. Athena Funk, Billy Black, Super D, Paul Johnson, Bad Weather Burlesque, photographer Anne B. Kiefel, Spider Johnk and numerous others. So keep your eyes, ears, nose and throat open. We’re here to corrupt, and there’s going to be one hell of a launch party coming in April. Make sure to check out our facebook page too!