Hello, friends. Well, fat with the success of Art Riot issue number one under our belts we have begun on the follow up issue. There’s a lot of really phenomenal artists who have agreed to participate and with any luck it should be available around July. In the meantime, here’s a couple of recent tidbits for you. Thursday, May 16th was Cruisin’ Broadway night in downtown Fargo. Here’s a comic I drew to commemorate the historic event from Thursday’s Forum.
Also, the Fargo Marathon is happening this weekend. Having worked in radio the past eighteen years I’ve become quite accustomed to having to attend this event. Not actually “run”, mind you! Just eat cinnamon rolls, drink coffee, and broadcast from the sideline. Here’s my Headlines Comic for this Friday.
Well, good luck to all the runners. Better you than me. Incidentally, I’m working on a cool artwork design for a long board as well as some cool new t-shirt designs too! I’ll share them next time.