gdmveb Time to whip up a batch of cookies or whatever munchies best suits your tastes and check out the latest epic in the world of killer-cookie-vs-evil-parephernalia flicks. Gingerdead Man Vs Evil Bong is easily the most watchable and consistently entertaining installment out of both franchises. Charles Band’s Full Moon Entertainment is currently on a roll, serving up a steady stream of new cult classics that are becoming every bit as essential as 90’s staples like Puppet Master, Subspecies, and Demonic Toys.

John Patrick Jordan is back as Larnell, from the Evil Bong movies, and can be found spitting out such classic lines as “Why didn’t you say something, Lindsay Bro-han?” and “What in the name of Don Cheadle!” Robin Sydney is also back playing dual roles as Sarah Leigh from the Gingerdead Man movies and as her character Luann, from the Evil Bong flicks. Kent Roudebush has written a script so bizarre and twisted that at times I wondered what in the hell I was watching. There’s cameos from Hambo the Ranch Hand, who we’ve seen in both Strippers vs Zombies and Ooga Booga. There’s the pastry tribunal, made up of several of the baked goods that we saw briefly in Gingerdead Man 3: Saturday Night Cleaver. King Bong puts in an appearance as well as Rabbit (Sonny Carl Davis) who spends some quality time with the lovely, topless girls of the Poontang tribe. In fact, he even has a wall made out of…well. I think you’d better just see that one for yourself. Truly bizarre!

I was not disappointed in the least with the amount of screen time given to both leads, Eebee and Gingerdead Man. It takes a while for the actual confrontation to take place but the build up is half the fun. Charles Band throws everything at us from a freak dry-humping a bakery display case to an eye-patch-wearing, killer dwarf along the way. The dope gags are there, there’s gore when needed and some really fun writing. I enjoyed Eebee (Evil Bong) making the observation about Robin Sydney’s character, “That bitch is so skinny there’s no milk in her cartons!”

Another fine entry from Full Moon, cross-referencing their other films more than any other time before, I’d care to wager. I was half expecting to see Killjoy show up and share a joint with the Killer Eye and Farr Darrig from Unlucky Charms at some point. This really turned out to have all the elements I had been hoping it would have and then some! I would say that fans of either franchise will easily find themselves calling this their favorite entry in the series. It comes out on Halloween and will also be viewable soon at