A lot of the movies that I enjoy don’t generally feature what you would consider A-list actors. In fact, if you and I have had a conversation, unless you’re a fan of the same types of movies that I am, I probably went into great, convoluted, detail trying to explain who a particular actor is. (“What do you mean you don’t know who Jeffrey Combs is? Re-Animator?! He was in that one Michael J. Fox movie with Gary Busey’s brother in it…you know, the one with the ghosts?!”)trancers32

Anyhoo, Tim Thomerson is one of those great actors that I absolutely love and just can’t comprehend that others don’t know who he is. Thomerson is most well known for his role as the ultra-cool, rugged, detective, Jack Deth in the Trancers movies. Echo Bridge Entertainment hooked us up with Trancers 2 and 3 this last week and what a solid blast from the past they were.

Part two picks up in 1991, six years after the first Trancers movie left off. Jack Deth has settled in with his wife Lena (Helen Hunt) in modern day Los Angeles, when his former wife, special agent Alice Stillwell (played by the very hot Megan Ward) shows up to help him fight another wave of trancers. The trancers themselves are super-strong, zombie-like, soldiers. In three, Jack is swept away to 2247 to find where the new onslaught of trancers is coming from. This installment has some pretty over-the-top action as Deth is assisted by a mean ass cyborg named Shark.

The Trancers franchise is one of Full Moon Entertainment’s strongest and Trancers 2 is notable as it is actually directed by Full Moon head honcho, Charles Band. My plan is to definitely settle in for a lost weekend with the entire Trancers series in the coming month. I would recommend you grab yourself the dvd copies of Trancers 2 and 3 from Echo Bridge Entertainment. And always remember…dry hair is for squids!