Having never attended college myself, I’ve had to live and party vicariously through that well-worn film trope, the college comedy. With movies such as Bikini Spring Break under their belt and now Alpha House, The Asylum is fast becoming everything that National Lampoon once was in their heyday. However, Alpha House wisely sets it’s sights on delivering simpler fare than Lampoon’s seminal frat flick, Animal House.

Alphas, beware! The conniving Associate Dean has set a devious plan in motion; to shut down the Alpha’s frat house by making it co-ed. Horror of horrors!! The sexy girls of the Delta sorority have moved in and the more debauchery that occurs, the more the various frat house brothers get booted out of the house and off campus altogether. While the premise doesn’t make a whole hell of a lot of sense, the gags move fast and loose and center almost exclusively on getting the female members of the cast out of their clothes. While never aspiring to be much more than a sexy, college romp, Alpha House does succeed in evoking laughs through several running gags as well as an empathy for our young protagonists who wanted nothing more than to be Alphas and pursue the finer things that college has to offer. You know…beer, boobs…er, more beer!

It may not win any awards for complex storytelling or maturity, however it is an exceedingly well executed frat comedy that delivers everything one would expect it to. Alpha House is a topless, bouncy, beer-drenched, gag fest that is enthusiastic to live up to the tradition of the similar-themed college films that have preceded it…and it clearly measures up! Look for it on DVD from red bali kratom dosage reddit.