pigtails Once again, we defy all the odds by farting out another issue of
Fargo’s subversive underground art magazine. This particular issue is so jam-packed with unique and creative artists from the area that it’s practically coming apart at the staples. For instance, there’s this JoJo Seames; an incredibly cool cartoonist/illustrator who I first met at ValleyCon back in 2008. Also, from The Mecan’tiks, artist Douglas Hunter. Not to mention the incredibly detailed scratchboard art of my friend Jim “Snuffy” Smith. (It will put a shine on your stinger.)

To round out this issue we have the equally expressive Mistelle Stein, Scott Tally, Sheldon Martin, and a stunning cover by the weird and anomalous Polly Math. We even got Athena Funk to do the TOPFIFTY WHATEVER for us. And thank goodness, Beau and I were running out of crap to put on that list issue after issue. And just wait until you see Anne Bradley’s photo funny, Pinball Fever! This issue’s crowning jewel.

Now, just because I went stroking the egos of the aforementioned artists, don’t go thinking that you’re going to be getting any sort of high-brow, artsy fartsy entertaiment here. Granted, it will massage
and agitate your brain molecules but for the most part it’s just a lot of nonsensical funny business. Oh, and swearing! That Beau Fraase just can’t help himself from dropping those curse words. Just how in the hell does he expect us to make it on to the racks of the local grocery stores when he has a filthy potty mouth?! Sheesh! You think he kisses his mom with that mouth of his? Anyway, enjoy Art Riot 4. Grab a drink, kick off your shoes and go on in. We’ll see you on the other side. Oh, and you’ll need a shower afterwords. Find it in all your finer bars, liquor stores, tattoo shops and comic book stores! -Scotch