hh1.jpg Like an early Christmas present, the Winter 2007 issue of Hustler Humor is on stands now! What a stocking stuffer! Boasting an awesome cover by Tom Holtkamp, editor Bob Muleady has pieced together the best issue ever of ‘America’s Funniest Humor Magazine’ this time around! The opening parody, “Ultimate Movie Fighting Championship” is written by Muleady and illustrated by Holtkamp and is possibly the funniest ‘toon that’s ever graced the pages of ol’ HH!
Other highlights include BIOBABE by Tom Simonton, whose work is always amazing, Stories from the Good Book by none other than Frank Stack, and the usual top notch goodies from regulars Billette, Collins, Winners, Trosley and Muleady!hh2.jpg And did I mention that I’m in there too? My Brady Bunch parody “The Bratty Bunch” rounds out Volume 29, Issue 24 quite nicely. You can call it trashy if you like, but I have to say that it sure is an honor to be published regularly in a magazine with so many talented and hilarious cartoonists! And as far as I’m concerned this issue is the best of the best. Currently, I’m working on a satire of the forthcoming IRON MAN movie with Robert Downey, Jr. It’s coming along quite nicely and I should have a few samples posted soon. In the meantime heres a couple of Brady panels from that new Hustler Humor. Now get on out there and buy TWO! Or risk being verbally abused by Yucko the clown! hh3.jpg