This little glimpse of weirdness isn’t the full slice of the pie, friend. I’m being literal as well as a little bit cryptic there. This picture is a small part of what was to be the cover art for ART RIOT #1. That was a Fargo art magazine that I put out with my friend Beau Fraase for a couple of years. We managed to oink out four issues and featured a lot of really talented artists from the area.

With Goof Roof, you’re also just seeing a small sliver of what I’m working on. This site has needed an update for a long time so my web-head pal, Gordon, lit a fire under my hiney and finally got me to agree to make a few revisions. Naturally, it’s going to be a work-in-progress for quite sometime so we appreciate those of you who stick it out with us. Some of my past posts may look a bit clunky because of the new format so I’ll be going back and tweaking them as time goes on. The nice thing is the images will be much larger now. And after all, that’s what you want from a website that’s all about art, isn’t it?