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Cartoonist Confessions

I have always been infatuated with graphics. Particularly, cartoon images and lettering. My earliest obsession with comic books was solely for the artwork. I was always baffled when I would try to talk with other comic book enthusiasts and they would dwell on the minutia of story lines and continuity. All I cared about was the aesthetics of the thing.


The only time I ever really cared about the content was if it was a humor magazine, like MAD or an underground comic of some sort, like Freak Brothers or something by Robert Crumb. The same goes for my love of punk rock and tacky b-movies. The aesthetics… that certain, hard-to-define sensibility that they posess is what appeals to me.

I have bought products simply because the icon or mascot that represents that product appeals to me on some odd level. I’m not sure what the key component of that aesthetic experience is for me exactly, but when I see it… I KNOW it.


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