hawk.jpg Knocking around a few ideas featuring the FM Redhawk’s mascot (at the urging of my afternoon radio partner) and came up with this piece. A possible cover for a “Hawkeye” comic book? Could be…keep your ears peeled for more, banana lips! BTW, just watched “Lake Placid 2” the other night and all I can say is ‘Boy, can that John Schneider act!’ Sigh! Beats the crap outta the reality tv we’re subjected to because of the writer’s strike. Even “1 Versus 100” has continued to flourish, leaving poor Bob Saget to ape Howie Mandel’s schtick for another month or two! I hear that in a plight to get more ratings, NBC is bringing Bob Barker out of retirement for one night to neuter Saget live on the air. I may actually tune in for that one!