Here’s a little press release from the folks at Alternative Cinema about a comic book I’m working on for them right now.
November 11, 2016 Fair Lawn, NJ – Seduction Cinema Studios announced their newest sexy spoof BRAvengers will be released Spring of 2017 as an exclusive, collectible DVD and Comic Book Combo, marking the third in the series featuring art by Radio Host and Comic Book Artist Noel Scotch Anderson.

A hilarious satire of the Blockbuster Avengers franchise, BRAvengers is directed by John Bacchus, the man behind the lens of many Seduction Cinema “classics” including Play-Mate of the Apes and The Insatiable Ironbabe. Reprising her role as Horny Fark aka Ironbabe is Jackie Stevens (Batbabe, Beaster Day), who unwittingly unleashes mayhem upon the planet through the malfunction of her newest sexual enhancement toy, the SexBot. Rounding out the cast is John Paul Fedele as Dick Fury, and Robert Mandara / Kerri Taylor sharing the role of The Herk.

BRAvengers Synopsis
When multi-millionaire sex toy entrepreneur Horny Fark’s newest creation, the highly intelligent and super-horny Sexbot, launches an international dry-humping catastrophe, it’s up the BRAvengers to save the day! Led by the fearless securities consultant Dick Fury, Horny’s alter ego IronBabe joins with Captain Amorica, the Herk and the Mighty Bore to fight evil, restore order and continue the grand tradition of supplying gratuitous boob shots to the home entertainment market. BRAvengers, take (it) off!

The BRAvengers DVD and Comic Book Combo will be available Spring of 2017 on and for $14.99.