My personal website, Goof Roof, which stands as my perch in the online world, is now a whopping TEN years old! Can you believe it? I’m honestly amazed that it’s been maintained all this time. Of course, I owe a lot of that to my pal, Gordon Moe, who helped set all of this up in the first place and urged me to revamp the site a bit in the last year or so. There have been a few issues since switching the site over which is apparent when you try to view some of the older posts. They tend to look a little wonky but I’ll get that fixed eventually.

The important thing is that it still stands as an online historical scrapbook, even a diary at times. I was reading through some of my earliest posts which were written when I was actively freelancing for HUSTLER magazine and it’s side publication, HUSTLER Humor. Felt like a real time capsule looking at back at those. I did a lot of work for Hustler over that period. Sick preverted work, but work. I also was excitedly working on my first full-length comic book, Hollywood Chainsaw Hookers for Fred Olen Ray at the time. That feels like a very long time ago. I’ve put out quite a few comic books since 2007. However, the updates have sadly become fewer and farther between on this site because Facebook seems to be such a natural platform to share artwork and news. However, I’m going to do my best to update Goof Roof a little more vigilantly in the future. Thanks for sticking around with me for the last ten!