I just received the good word from top dog, head cheese, and chief-cook-and-bottle-washer at Seduction Cinema/Alternative Cinema, lovable Mike Raso, that Bravengers: Age Of Buldgetron is rolling on the presses as we speak and should be in our hot little hands by September. Bravengers will be the third full-length comic book adaptation of a Seduction Cinema movie I’ve done for those guys. The first two were Play-Mate of the Apes and SpiderBabe. I’m really excited to have you guys see it. I think it’s the best one we’ve cranked out yet! It will be available in a combo package along with the dvd of the movie at the bali gold kratom effects upon it’s release.
It’s the story of a heroic team led by the fearless securities consultant Dick Fury. Iron Babe joins with Captain Amorica, The Herk and The Mighty Bore to fight evil, restore order and continue the grand tradition of supplying gratuitous boob shots to the home entertainment market. I’m currently working on a comic book adaptation of the 1990 movie, Ghoul School for their off-shoot label, Camp Motion Pictures which will hopefully be available later this year. Keep an eye out for it!