hh2cov.jpg Hey! You can stop holding your breath, chumps! The spring issue of Hustler Humor is finally here! As it says in this latest issue, “What better way to start off the very last full year of Geore W. Bush’s dictatorship than with the best adult humor magazine money can buy?”  As you can see the kick-ass art of Tom Simonton graces the cover and the interior pages are equally impressive! A hilarious BATMAN parody by Bob Muleady and Tom Holtkamp, great ‘toons as usual by Billette, Trosley, Winners, Collins, Muleady and Aaron Warner…and a plug for the Goof Roof website!! Who woulda thunk it! Here’s another look at my humble offering from this issue, a “Cavemen” parody that can be found on page 47! Too bad the show went off the air before the comic made it to press, heh-heh-heh! Now go out to your local truckstop or adult book store and buy two! cavehh1.jpg