Been a while, but let’s get you up to speed. We are currently working on Art Riot number 8. This underground art magazine has taken on a life of it’s own. The last couple issues have featured the cream of the crop, as far as Fargo artists go. Above you see the cover for number six. I drew that one. Below you’ll see the cover for Art Riot number 7, which was definitely more of a rock and roll issue. Beau did the artwork for this one and I really dig it.
This issue of Art Riot featured a photo comic with the Fargo burlesque troupe Valkyries Of The Valley in which they portray wrestlers from the NDAWF, aka the North Dakota Apartment Wrestling Federation. It’s a four-pager but I’m only giving you a one page peek, you bums.
This too has begun to take on a life of it’s own. We’re currently working on merchandising as well as a separate spin-off magazine due out in March. Have a little peek so you can see what’s in store! Talk to you later. -Scotch