Finally feeling like Spring in old Fargo, North Dakota and the art underground is alive and well. Beau and myself have assembled another fine crew of extremely talented artistic individuals to participate in our lunacy. Art Riot 8 is available throughout the Fargo/Moorhead area and has work by the likes of Sheldon Martin, Douglas Hunter, Anne Bradley, Devin Casavant, The Brothers Bertrand, Aubrey Kurtz, Megan Turner, Brad Thingvold, Dave Jacobs, John Showalter and more!




If you’re looking to score a copy of the latest Art Riot you can find it in any of these fine establishments while supplies last; ORANGE RECORDS FARGO, Pounds, W├╝rst Bier Hall, Moxie Java Fargo, Hotel Donaldson – HoDo, Luckys Tattoo, Sidestreet, Dempsey’s, M&J Salloon, Duffy’s Tavern, The Empire, 46&2 Tattoo, Star-Mart Liquor Mart, Tailgators, Royal Liquors Main, Mother’s Records, and Dragon’s Hoard! Hurry… they’re going fast!