Growing up, one of my favorite things was reading MAD magazine. Particularly, the early ones that featured all of the Harvey Kurtzman comics and parodies. The backgrounds were so densely illustrated with additional visual gags and puns it was almost too much to take in. That’s sort of what watching “Camp Death III in 2D” is like. It is an assault on the senses that moves at such a breakneck pace you’re likely to get whiplash. Oh, and it’s stupid.

The filmmakers seem pretty proud of how stupid this movie is, but the thing is it’s genuinely the “smartest” stupid I’ve ever seen. It just finished it’s festival run (15 fests, 5 awards) and is now available on ?Amazon Prime. Director Matt Frame is not subtle in this satire of Friday the 13th and slasher movies in the least. He continually bashes you over the head with visual gags and lines delivered at peak histrionics. It is an extremely silly movie and gleefully offensive. I can honestly say, at no point in watching this movie was I ever bored. In my opinion, the biggest offense a low budget b-movie can make is boring you. This one screams at you at the top of it’s lungs and if you’re offended by something one minute, you’re likely to be laughing at something the next. That is if you’re comfortable with it’s over-the-top slapstick aesthetic. I certainly was. Honestly, I’ve never seen anything quite like it.It’s sort of like that point in the early eighties when lots of films were trying to mimic that Zucker-and-Abrahams’ Airplane-style of movie making, but these guys get it right. Although it seems like everyone is on crack.

The movie takes place at Camp Crystal Meph. The setting is wonderful. Apparently, it was shot at an actual summer camp in British Columbia. It’s the perfect backdrop for an 80’s slasher parody that goes so beyond it’s source material it’s ridiculous. It’s been three years since Camp Crystal Meph has been shut down because of the slaughter brought by Johann Van Damme. Our titular killer is thwarted by a foul-mouthed puppet. Once Johann is safely put away in the asylum, the camp is re-opened as a rehabilitation center for the criminally insane and run by counselors who seem to be just as nuts.
In this day and age you rarely see a movie that dares be quite as politically incorrect as this one. Director Matt Frame says that much of the inspiration came from poking fun at his own experiences in mental health ‘rehabilitation.’ Watching “Camp Death III in 2D” feels like you’re on trucker speed or something. The entire film seems to be slightly sped up, keeping the pace moving at a fever pitch and making the viewer feel slightly off balance. I genuinely enjoyed this movie and so will you…. if you also enjoy stupid. Check it out on Vimeo or Amazon Prime. -Scotch