dork.jpg Great googily-moogly! The June 2008 HUSTLER is already on shelves and not only did my Iron Man parody (Iron Balls) make this issue, but there’s also a blurb about it on the front cover! Sometimes you have to derive pleasure out of the little things in life, y’know? Ooh, speaking of which…there’s a new addition to the family. We just got ourselves an adorable “shitzu-pekingese” cross named Sneakers! Only 10-months old and cute as a bat’s ear! Which reminds me…currently I’m working on a parody of the new BATMAN movie, The Dark Knight, for Hustler. There seems to be no shortage of leaked info online about this movie so that’s helpful. I’m posting what I’ve come up with for the splash page so far. Also I just managed to finish my final painting before the local art show deadline. The painting is called “This is your brain on cartoons” and you can check it out below! Okay, gotta’ scram for now. cartoon.jpg