dorky.jpg Rejoice! Summer is here and HUSTLER Humor editor, Bob Muleady has assembled what could quite possibly be the best issue of America’s funniest humor magazine ever!! Dan Collin’s sidesplitting “Lame Duck” cover illustration hits the nail right on the head, doesn’t it? This summer spectacular is filled with fresh new features from the usual suspects (Billette, Collins, Trosley & Winners) mingled in with five big pages devoted to some of the best work by Dwaine B. Tinsley, HUSTLER cartooning’s founding father. Truly sick stuff! Standouts this issue include a hilarious Star Trek parody by Tom Holtkamp, a free, tasteless, bumper sticker by Bob Muleady and some all-too-true “Things Celebrities Should Figure Out On Their Own” by George Trosley! home1.jpg My contribution this issue is a four-page “Extreme Home Makeover” parody that provides new meaning to the term “tongue n’ groove” if you know what I mean. There’s also a great two-pager featuring some classic girly cartoons by Dan DeCarlo and a dead on “Election Year at a Glance” by Bob Muleady! Summer is too short so enhance it with a copy of HUSTLER Humor Vol.30, No. 2 on stands now! Hit your local truck stop or adult bookstore and pick up a copy or three!home2.jpg