I suppose I’m going to start sounding like a broken record, prattling on about this kid’s comic book project. Kee-ripes! I’ve been spending so much time drawing on this thing that I’m dangerously at risk of receiving a fatal carpal tunnel injury. (Maybe even more so than Donald Trump is from making that “You’re Fired” hand gesture.) So, I figured it was time for another update. Here’s one of the latest pages featuring a handful of Maniacal Mutant Monsters from Minnesota. I’m really trying to do this right! I have to figure out the right way to publish this thing and not totally “eat it” financially, y’know? I’m talking to a few people who are in-the-know and hopefully I’ll have it all figured out and printed by the end of the summer. Soon the Maniacal Mutant Monsters will leave their mark like a Martha Stewart prison tattoo!