el-quatra.jpg Hey, chumps! I’m delighted to say that all of the tracks for the forthcoming Goosepoop cd have been recorded and are being given the final spit ‘n polish! Originally titled “Your Inner Burt Bacharach” it has been re-titled EL QUATRA and is a follow up to our previous releases Forgot To Flush, Fat Out Of Hell, and Ringing The Monkey Bell! It’s plenty stupid and is very pertinent as it follows a years worth of musical stupidity leading up to Pooey leaving town to become a carney! I’ve scheduled this 30-song opus to be released around the same time as Metallica’s “Death Magnetic” and AC/DC’s “Black Ice” so we can take a little starch out of those stuffed shirts! However, they probably don’t have to sweat it TOO much as we probably won’t press more than 20 or 30 of them! Check out some of the early tracks at: myspace.com/goosepooptheband
That’s all for now. More details to come! And remember, Goosepoop mania starts here…won’t you help?