11.jpg “Stand by for action! Blasting out of the sky is the super-powered, super-sexy heroine for a new generation, Super Ninja Doll. Both sensual and explosive, this electro-charged live anime adventure joins our girl as she battles intergalactic villains Gorath and Tantella as they attempt to escape the secret world of comic books and dominate the earth.” Well, I ordered up my copy of Super Ninja Doll on dvd and I couldn’t be more excited! nin1.jpgI actually have found a few reviews online already. Surf on over to Terrorhook.com and you’ll find a very favorable review posted there. This is the third film Fred Olen Ray has been kind enough to use a bit of my artwork in. The first was Bikini Girls from the Last Planet, and the second was the family-friendly Christmas at the Beach. It’s my understanding that Super Ninja Doll will be out on dvd Sept. 2nd. Also look for the “Hollywood Chainsaw Hookers” comic book coming out in September. For more information on the comic book and to order it online head on over to Retromedia.org alrighty? There you’ll find samples of the ‘Chainsaw’ comic book artwork as well as cover art and info on all of the latest and forthcoming dvd releases from Fred Olen Ray’s Retromedia entertainment. 42.jpg There’s even monthly trailers posted, video clips of Morella’s Graveyard Theater, and an incredible message board where I spend the better part of my day ‘geeking out’ with fellow b-movie fans. Alright, enough on that for now. I’m still plugging away on the final mixes of the the latest GOOSEPOOP album ‘El Quatra’ (featuring the incredible reggae track “This Song Will Make You Gay”) and it should be completed by next week sometime. Check back here at Goof Roof often for more information and random stupidity.