mojo.jpg Well, Valleycon was far from lucrative but it was quite a bit of fun! I met a couple of artists who are far more talented than I. Joel “Mojo” Moen, who you see at the right there, was one of them. (However, I have a head full of rich and luxurious hair, so therefore I win.) The other was an incredibly cool cartoonist from Grand Forks named JoJo Seames. She has a crazy-cool style that really put a shine on my stinger. You can check her stuff out at and see for yourself.
scogg.jpg So I got the chance to meet Tracy Scoggins and she was very nice. I says to her, I says… “Hey, I really enjoyed you as Judith in Demonic Toys!” and she shows me this copy of the Demonic Toys comic book she has on her table. I say, “Could I buy that and have you sign it for me?” She says, “You bet” and starts signing it for me. I’m very excited to say the least. Then her publicist/handler says, “Twenty-five dollars, please.” Ahem…twenty-five dollars?! Not exactly what I expected. Oh, well! I guess that’s why they call these things CONS, eh? Gotta run now. Guess I’ll go enjoy my twenty-five dollar comic book. Sigh!