lard011.jpg At the risk of sounding like Tina Fey doppleganger, Sarah Palin, all I can say is “Fer crying out loud!” It definitely looks like we’re being plopped headlong into winter once again! In the interest of keeping warm however, I’m drawing at a feverish rate. Kee-ripes!! Nothing warms the cockles like a cramped freakin’ hand, grasshopper! Aye chihuahua! Looks like it’s really paying off though. I just finished the copy edits on two new pieces. The HELL’S KITCHEN parody I just finished up for HUSTLER is going to print this month and I finally put the ol’ spitshine on the last page of my BIGGEST LOSER satire. I haven’t actually watched the show all that much but what’s to know, right? Fat people get thin and then they win money! Of course, this being a parody for a magazine with the reputation of HUSTLER they also must do the “nasty” at some point…yechh! I however, tried to keep that to a minimum this time around given the subject matter. THE BIGGEST LARDASS will be featured in a forthcoming issue of ‘America’s Funniest Humor Magazine’, HUSTLER Humor! On the way, a spoof of the new slasher movie MY BLOODY VALENTINE 3-D, as well as THE SARAH PALIN CHRONICLES. Well, that’s it for now. Stay warm!