palin02.jpg Hey, Poppy! I just finished working up a four-page comic for HUSTLER called “The Sarah Palin Chronicles” that I’m pretty psyched about. Seeing as I’m trying to keep these blog entries as PG-13 as possible however, there’s not much of it I can show you. With the exception of a couple of copy edits and a couple of touch-ups to the art it’s good to go and will probably be in the May issue…but what’s REALLY significant is that I managed to squeeze in my ROCK 102 morning show partners, Tank and Ginger, into the background in one of the panels. (An honor previously held by only one other Fargo entity, the band S.O.P.) bded.jpg The image is a little small here because it’s been reduced, but that’s them on the sidewalk watching the Palin’s drive a snowmobile down a snowless city street. Note: the action takes place on the corner of 13th Ave and 25th street! Not much else to talk about other than I just saw a couple of awesome flicks…Return to Sleepaway Camp (which I’ve been waiting a good decade for) and BRAIN DEAD! Brain Dead is a new zombie gore-fest from director, Kevin Tenney; the same guy who made NIGHT OF THE DEMONS! It’s about six people who are stranded in a deserted fishing lodge with a host of alien-infected, mutant amoeba-controlled zombies at their doorstep. Nudity and gore abound! I can’t advise you strongly enough…SEE THIS MOVIE! That’s all for now!