Here’s a little comic that I drew back in 2000 when I was doing a weekly strip called “Paranoia” for Sunday Comics Online. It’s my own cheezy ‘n sleazy take on Twas the Night Before Christmas.
slay1.jpg Now, onto a personal recommendation for a great holiday film. It warms my cockles to suggest “Santa’s Slay” to you this Christmas season. Let’s face it, there’s a lot of ‘Killer-Santa’ movies you could watch but few have the B-movie sensibilities that make “Santa’s Slay” such a pleasure to view over and over again. Bill Goldberg, dressed as Jolly Old St. Nick, stomps through this film spouting wisecracks and beating people to death in various settings; strip clubs, family gatherings, etc. It also has a star-studded opening sequence in which we see James Caan, Fran Drescher, Chris Kataan, and Rebecca Gayheart get brutally killed by Santa in numerous creative ways. See it back to back with “Silent Night, Deadly Night” for even more holiday fun!