autohh.jpg How cool and exciting…I went to the ol’ mailbox the other day and found that ‘HUSTLER Humor’ editor, Bob Muleady had mailed me a copy of the all-new issue (Vol. 30, No.4) and it was autographed by the fab four cartoonists of LFP! Apparently, the four contract guys, Muleady, Trosley, Billette and Collins and two other regular contributors, Winners and Redknapp, were together for lunch with Larry Flynt on the 13th of December. Bob snagged a couple of issues and asked the guys to autograph them. One went to me and the other one went to Steve Forrer, the art director. I couldn’t be more thrilled, man. Years ago, I was out in L.A. for the Frier’s Club roast for Larry Flynt and was hoping I’d get to meet some of those guys but it never happened. I guess this is about the next best thing, eh? They’re all incredible artists in my opinion and I hope that one day I’ll get to pal around with them! Sigh, I guess that’s what I get for living in Minnesota.
gen01.jpg Now this latest issue is definitely a great way for anyone to wrap up 2008! It’s jam packed with some of the sickest cartoons from the usual gang of perverts. Superhero, “Major Masturbator” gets the ball rolling, followed by a great collection of BUSH ‘toons to point out all the fodder there was to work with during the worst American Presidency in history! There’s also a free XXX-mas card and a pictorial that will either make your mouth or your eyes water. Tom Simonton is back with another Trauma Corps and Trosley’s “Things Women Want Us to Do” is a riot. I’ve been a huge fan of Trosley’s since reading CARtoons magazine as a kid! My two-page “Generation Hustler Humor” wraps up the issue and admittedly it could have been a helluva lot better. I’m looking forward to the next ish as I knocked out a pretty good parody of ‘The Biggest Loser’ that should redeem my standing. Heh-heh-heh! I mean Ho Ho Ho! Merry Christmas. I’ll see you in 2009! gen02.jpg